Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tom Powers... Welcome to Gopher Nation

If anyone was reserving a spot on the Gopher Nation bandwagon for Pat Reusse, I would kindly suggest that you give that spot up, in favor of Mr. Tom Powers.

Powers had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Brewster recently, and while he noted that he looks a little more tired than he did a few months ago, and doesn't smile quite as much, Brewster still has the upbeat attitude that the U of M can produce a winning football program. According to Powers, he even has that kind of bravado off the record.

Here are some quotes from the article from Coach Brewster that show his resolve, conviction and commitment to winning here.

"Never in a million years am I dumb enough to say, 'Hey, this season we're going to the Rose Bowl,' " Brewster said Tuesday. "You never heard me say that. But your goal has to be to win a championship. I'm trying to change the mind-set here.
The goal is not to go to a bowl. It's not to win six games. The goal is to win a championship.
It's been 40 years. Forty years."

"...recruiting is going outstandingly well. It's truly amazing. This is just a great sell. The only thing that matters to me is the Minnesota Golden Gophers winning. Holdovers, leftovers, newcomers, I'll play anybody who I think gives us the best chance of winning. End of story."

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Anonymous said...

I told you all messed up in running Mason out of you get to enjoy 3 years of fun until you change again!