Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anonymous speaks!!!

Well, this is what I've been waiting for. I've been waiting for our good ol' friend Anonymous to come out of the woodwork and tell me... well, I'm not sure who he is telling, I would presume he's telling me... that firing Glen Mason was a mistake. I've been wondering where he was, and he finally showed his face by replying to my last post...

"I told you all messed up in running Mason out of you get to enjoy 3 years of fun until you change again!"

Ouch, Anonymous, that hurt. That cuts deep.

I'm not exactly sure when you told me so, but I'm guessing that what you claim that you already told me is that we all (sorry to the readers that Anonymous has dragged you into this) messed up driving Mason out of town. Because clearly we drove him out of town. Obviously Joel Maturi and Robert Bruinicks were reading the blogs and websites and media members who were calling for Mason's head and used those opinions as basis to fire Glen Mason. It definitely had nothing to do with alienating the student fan base, never feeling like we could recruit good players, having no belief that we could win a championship, multiple second half collapses, perpetually finishing in the bottom half of the Big10, and forever forcing fans to sweat it out: El Paso or Detroit?

Apparently Anonymous hasn't actually been reading this blog. This is fine, because as we all know, Anonymous likes to hurl idle insults in the direction of people who seem ripe for the picking, and clearly actually understanding the basis of this blog and the direction that I've tried to take it would make it difficult for those insults to be idle.

If Anonymous had actually been reading THIS blog, he would have noticed that I am actually excited about the direction that the Gopher football program is taking for the future, despite the poor showing on the field thus far. He might have noticed that I actually like Coach Brewster and the changes that he is trying to make. He might have noticed that Coach Brewster's positive attitude and "we can win here" moxie has actually caught on with me. He might have noticed that Coach Brewster is doing a great job in recruiting and getting the students excited about the team.

Hey, Anonymous, I gotta hand it to you, it was a valiant effort, but I (and I think I can speak for the collective "we" here) like the changes that Coach Brewster is making, and we think that his changes are going to make for some big changes in the future!

And I've got news for you: despite the 1-5 start, I DON'T MISS GLEN MASON!

So thanks for trying to change up the pace around here, Anonymous. Thanks for trying to insert your particular brand of negativity into an exciting time for Gopher Football. I would invite you to stick around, Anonymous. Perhaps actually READ what you are commenting on.

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