Friday, October 5, 2007

Strib article on Kellen Lewis

Scary piece in today's Strib on Hoosier's QB Kellen Lewis. Myron Medcalf (who I am not familiar with, does anyone know, is this going to be the new guy to cover Gopher hoops?) does a nice job painting the picture of just how talented Lewis is, leading the Big10 in total offense, and how important he is to the Hoosiers.

Looks like this would be a great week for the Gopher defensive line to step up and give Lewis a couple solid hits in the chin early.

Two quick things of note, going into the Big10 weekend that are strange. Indiana favored by 14 points to beat the Gophers and Illinois is favored to beat #5 Wisconsin.

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Jeff said...

I'm not saying this just because I hate Wisconsin, but honestly, not enough is being made of the fact that Bucky Badger is ranked 5th in the country, and yet they're underdogs to a fringe Top 25 team. In the history of the sport, has that EVER happened? It just shows Vegas, just like the rest of us, has no clue who's good this year. Welcome to the age of parity!