Monday, October 29, 2007

Coach Brewster with Sid & Dave

As with every Sunday, Coach Brewster joined Sid and Dave on 'CCO. You can find the link here.

-Sounds like Coach Brewster still has a lot of confidence in Weber, despite the fact that he is experiencing a difficult time right now. The passing game is out of rhythm. Hard to blame him as Weber has done a nice job of leading this offense through a tough season. He did, however, say that he would put the quarterback that gives them the best chance of winning, no matter who that is.

-A caller asked why Brewster never puts Tony Mortensen in the game. Brewster said he doesn't believe in pulling a guy who is struggling on the field out of the game, he wants to let Weber work through those times, and show confidence in him.

-Team morale, despite the tough W-L record, still seems to be good. Coach is happy with the players effort and morale, just wishes they could get some W's.

-Sounds like Brewster asked Lloyd Carr for an explanation of why on the last play of the game he ran a pass play when they were already up 24 points, but no response.

-Sid thinks that Coach Brewster is doing a great job and supports the job he is doing. YAY!

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