Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Startin' 'em young!

I do not have any children, but I often think about how I would go about rearing a child of my own. Often sports comes into my thinking on this topic. Would I raise my children, when it comes to sports, in the way that I have learned? To be passionate, to be loyal, to care more than seems reasonable to lesser men? Or would I spare them some of the pain and suffering that I have had to endure by becoming a fan of all things Minnesota sports? Mostly, would I instill in them the excitement for Gopher football that I have deeply ingrained in my being? It is clear that it takes an amazing intestinal fortitude, resolve and willingness to look naysayers in the face and spit on their inability to commit to something to beautiful, to be a Gopher football fan.

This is why I love Coach Brewster. I have a feeling that if he was able to say what he really thinks about someone like, oh, I don't know, say, Pat Reusse, I would enjoy those words immensely. But I digress.

You see, at the root of my problem is this: I do not have the ability to be a passive observer... I must be an active participant in order to be a part of anything. Which is why I have a blog. I know that I will likely, whether I do so purposely or not, instill these same passions in my children. Children often take on the personalities, likes (cheese bratwurst) and dislikes (Iowa) of their parents. Like Ron Burgundy says in Anchorman... "It's science."

A close friend of mine has also obviously had these same inner-struggles that I have. However, he DOES have a child... and a masculine one at that! He has chosen correctly for his masculine child, as you can see.


aPortaMan said...

Wow, that's one dang good looking kid!

Anonymous said...

3 weeks from today I will become a first time father. I guess that is one good aspect of having a C-section in that you can pick your date to certain degree. Anyway, can you believe this that we moved up our C-section by a week just so that I'd be assured of being able to attend the gopher-wisconsin game! That and my wife would love to have this eternal pregnancy over wit. one of my worst fears is that my son does not pick up my lover of Gopher football. I'd love to to be able to attend games with him for the rest of my life. His future nursery already has a few gopher items showcased. Since his birth is only 4 days prior to the Iowa game would it be so wrong to get him a minature "Who Hates Iowa" t-shirt?

Jeremy said...

Not only would it not be so wrong to get your newborn masculine child a "Who Hates Iowa" T-shirt, I would be disappointed if you didn't. This NEEDS to happen. And when it does, if you would take a picture of your manly child, I would love the opportunity to show him to the world.