Friday, October 26, 2007

The next target: Willie Mobley

There's a great piece on today about Eden Prairie defensive lineman, and potential Gopher, Willie Mobley.

In addition to be a great player, it sounds like Mobley is a stand-up person as well. Just the kind of athletes that Coach Brewster wants to add to the Golden Gopher program. The article says that Mobley feels pressure to become a Gopher... let's hope so. And let's keep it up! Landing this kid would be HUGE for a defense that needs loads of help.

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aPortaMan said...

As an Eden Prairie football alum when I go to game I get sideline access, and let me just say that Mobley is freakin' impressive. He is a man among boys out there getting double teamed every snap and still having his way, the Gophers will be doing very well to get their hands on him.