Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Strib story on Gopher recruit Roszell Gayden

There's an interesting piece on the Strib this morning about Gopher recruit Roszell Gayden, who has made a solid verbal commitment to the U of M, and his twin brother Rashad.

While Rashad is much smaller than Roszell, it sounds like he has the kind of motor, or "twitch" as Coach Brewster would call it, that the Gophers are looking for, but perhaps is a little bit small (6'2", 235lbs) and slow in the 40 (4.85 sec). According to their father, Rashad is the harder worker and the more dedicated weight lifter (he put on 20 pounds of solid muscle in the off-season). But football is definitely a game of inches, considering that 4-star recruit Sam Maresh is nearly the same size and speed (6'2", 240, 4.7 sec forty).

This is strictly an opinion, but as Coach Brewster looks to add play-makers with "twitch," I would be surprised to see a guy like Rashad Gayden get an invitation to walk-on with the Gophers.

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