Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Offensive line help

From Shooter's "Don't Print That" section today, see below. This could obviously be big news in two years for the Gophers, filling an important role with a team that will still be establishing its identity.

"As expected, Matt Carufel, who started three games as a sophomore offensive guard for Notre Dame this season, on Monday formally requested that his football tender be sent from Notre Dame to the universities of Minnesota and Iowa for consideration.
As soon as the salivating Gophers and Hawkeyes receive copies of the tender, they can begin recruiting the 6-foot-5, 295-pound CretinDerham Hall grad as if he were a high school senior. Carufel, who two years ago was the state's top recruiting prospect, will not return to Notre Dame for classes this year and will assist his alma mater's B-squad football team as a coach for the remaining two weeks of the season.
Carufel will consider the Gophers and Hawkeyes with plans for a decision within a month. He would enroll in classes in January and have to sit out a transfer season, but he could participate in workouts next spring.
If Carufel chooses the Gophers, he would become eligible for Minnesota's first season in its campus stadium in 2009.
Carufel has a former Cretin-Derham Hall teammate, Rafael Eubanks, starting at center as a sophomore for Iowa. Another former Raiders teammate, Ned Tavale, has started part time at right guard as a sophomore for the Gophers this season. "

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