Friday, October 5, 2007

Bossom buddies

Shooter points out in his column today that Coach Brewster speaks frequently with Vikings head coach Brad Childress, and that the two go back to Brewster's playing days at Illinois.
As a passionate Gopher fan who is also a lifelong Vikings fan, I find it interesting that these two are friends. Could any two coaches be more opposite?
Childress is mild-mannered, doesn't like to talk to the media, has the most vanilla play-calling in all of football, and is generally (in my opinion) a non-likable person.
Brewster on the other hand is boisterous, over-the-top, loud, in your face, aggressive and (in my opinion) a likable kind of guy.
While the Vikings continue to struggle and show absolutely no signs of life, the Gophers are improving week by week.
But perhaps Coach Childress is beginning to take a page out of Coach Brewster's notebook. Flip over to Sid's column today, and he is reporting that, despite what all the fans see on the field as the same-old-same-old, Childress is claiming to see "a ton of good things" from his Vikings squad.
I'm not going to spend time here breaking down everything that is wrong with the Vikings (even though I'd like to), but I do wonder if Childress' new-found upbeat outlook has something to do with what he has seen from Brewster and the positive response that he has gotten from Gopher Nation.
Unfortunately for Childress he doesn't have the personality, or the history, to be able to back up this type of attitude.
The attitude and "we can win here" moxie that Coach Brewster shows seems genuine. It's the same hyperbole that he's been spewing since day one, and even when the going has been tough for the Gopher's on the field, he hasn't let down in his quest and his belief that the Gophers can be contenders. He has always wanted the fans to be a part of the Gophers success.
Childress, on the other hand, started out his time with the Vikings keeping everything close to the vest, no emotion, revealing nothing to the fans and everything is still vanilla, vanilla, vanilla.

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