Friday, October 26, 2007

Injury bug

There is just no way around it, the Golden Gopher football team has been bitten by the injury bug. The bug has been especially active on the defensive side of the ball, where we definitely do not need it.

As if this team is not talent-poor defense wasn't hurting enough, the injuries have made it even worse. And this doesn't seem to be an issue that anyone is really talking about.

Sure, a lot of the injuries have been minor, but important contributors have been missing playing time, sometimes significant amounts, and obviously the injuries don't help them out on the field when they aren't sitting.

Look at these players that have missed time on the field, or have been hampered by injury this season.
Jay Thomas
Amir Pinnix
Duane Bennett
Jack Simmons
D.J. Burris

Duran Cooley
Willie VanDeSteeg
Desi Steib
John Shevlin
Mike Sherels

Like I said, as if the team wasn't in enough trouble, injuries like these haven't helped. But I find it interesting that Coach Brewster hasn't offered this as an excuse. In fact, I don't see him offering a lot of excuses. This team has taken it on the chin all year long on Saturdays, then they take it on the chin in the media during the week. But Coach Brewster doesn't offer excuses or criticism, he is constantly saying that we need to do better here, here and here.

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