Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going for Two

My apologies for taking so long to post a reaction the Northwestern game. I was recovering from the loss, then enjoying the Vikings win, then fighting off some flu like symptoms.

Alright, you know the stats on the game, you've heard it all. Opinion time.

I didn't have a problem with going for the 2-pointer in the second OT. Northwestern had not had much success stopping us throughout the day, and it was a long game. I don't have a problem going for the win at that point.

What I DO have a small problem with is the play that was called. With Weber's scrambling ability, the big day that Wheelwright was having, and Weber's confidence in Decker, I just don't think that on that play the coaches game Adam Weber the right options. Rolling Weber to this right took Wheelwright, who lined up wide left, out of the play. Of the three receivers on the right side, the outside two ran to the middle and crossed, while the center one ran strait into the end zone and ran an out, which effectively sent two WR's on the same route, bunching up the coverage. Jay Thomas was sent out to the right as well, perhaps as a decoy to make it look like a potential option, as the touchdown had been, but ended up having to block immediately, taking him out of the play. I just think sending three receivers and a back to the same side, while having Weber roll that way as well, gave him to many options, while bunching up the coverage, plus, it sent all of the defensive linemen that way as well, which is what got to Weber in the end.

In my opinion allowing Decker and/or Wheelwright to beat their men one-on-one would have been a better option.

Now, we can question the decision to go for two, and we can question the play call all we want. The fact of the matter is that the Gophers played well enough to win this game. The offense moved the ball all day long and looked nearly unstoppable for two quarters. The problem is that while our offense couldn't be stopped, neither could theirs. The Gophers played well enough to win this game, but they also made just enough mistakes to give it away, which is exactly what they did. It never should have come down a 2-point conversion in OT.

Weber had a big day, but man, those two INT's really hurt. He's growing, he's close, and he's putting up big numbers. But the turnovers need to stop.

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