Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stepping down from the ledge

I decided to take a full day yesterday to cool off. I read nothing about the Gophers yesterday, I wrote nothing about the Gophers yesterday, and I avoided anything on the radio about the Gophers. On Tuesday I rested.

The first places I went this morning were my fellow Gopher bloggers, to see if someone else could shed some positivity on my glum mood right now. So I checked over at Gopher Nation, and they (he/she?) did not disappoint. So thank you to the Gopher Nation blog for talking me down from the ledge this morning with your words.

You really should read the post yourself, and read the Gopher Nation blog regularly, but here is the beginning of the post at Gopher Nation that began to calm me down this morning...

"Yesterday's loss was in no way a good thing. It was embarrassing and frustrating. The 1-7 record is a combination of having no talent on defense, players designed for Mason's systems being used in another system (square peg/round hole) and some maverick calls that simply didn't work in our favor.
To declare that coach Brewster is incapable of coaching at this point is just ridiculous. Maybe he will fall on his face. Maybe in 3 years everyone will tell me what an idiot I am/was. You can rip me then and I'll take it like a man (I'll probably beat you to it). But for now I think it is short-sighted and ignorant.
Brewster's biggest mistake has been coming in and building some excitement. He clearly over-promised and severely under-delivered. Here again, I wonder what the big deal is? So what that he came in and said he wants to win and he wants to win now? Who cares that he says being bowl eligible isn't enough he wants to win a championship? I want a coach who strives for more than mediocrity."

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