Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bob Davie on recruiting

As I was at the game on Saturday I didn't catch this one...

From the Star Tribune's Dean Spiros column "Dean's List" today, regarding Satruday's ESPN 2 broadcast of the Gophs/Buckeyes game:
"Play-by-play man Mark Jones pointed out how the new Gophers coaching staff managed to visit every high school in the state before the start of the season. Davie suggested it might not have been the best use of the coaches' time since there are only 10 Big Ten-caliber players coming out of Minnesota each year."

Clearly Davie has no earthly clue how starved the high schools of this state have been for attention from the Gopher Football program. In addition, what Davie doesn't understand is that even if there are only ten Big10 caliber players coming out of Minnesota each year, which I'm guessing is a low number, traditionally we've been lucky to get one or two of those guys to stay home and become a Gopher. What if we could get half of those guys to stay home, or more? What would our defense look like right now with James Laurenitis in the middle? Or Broderick Binns at D-End? Think one of the 7 Badgers or 5 Hawkeyes from Minnesota would be of any help this year?

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My thoughts exactly!