Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bison smack talk on P.A. & Dubay

If you didn't catch it, please take a few moments to listen to Gopher/Bison talk on KFAN's P.A. & Dubay show yesterday.

The Bison fans have some swagger coming into this weekend's game with the Gophers, as they should, with the longest winning streak in Division I football right now. But over in the first quarter? The first half? Really? The Bison fans seem to think that the Bison can get more high caliber recruits than the Gophers too.

I have to tell you, I know a TON of NDSU Bison fans right now. They are coming out of the woodwork and suddenly they want to talk smack. They're talking a big game coming into this game. Bison are comin'-this, we're gonna roll over the Gophers-that, recruits would rather play in the Fargo Dome than the Metrodome-this, the Gophers suck-that.

Look, I gotta agree with Dubay on this one. It makes perfect sense for the NDSU fans to be confident, and to think they can win this game, because they absolutely can win this game, and they absolutely played the Gophers incredibly tough last year. But if Bison fans think that the Gophers are going to roll over in this game, that it's going to be an easy win for the Bison, well they just haven't been paying attention to the Gophers.

I have been saying for weeks that I will not engage in smack talk with people about the Gophers this season. I love the Gophs, and I believe that everything going incredibly well as far as building this program for the future. But as long as we have to go into football games with the kind of defense we have, I just don't have confidence in our team to win football games.

But if the Bison smack talk keeps on comin', and tailgating will most certainly be in effect this Saturday morning behind the Depot, and I get a couple of barely pops in me... well, let's just say all bets are off.

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