Tuesday, October 9, 2007

As if we didn't know Reusse was a hater

I'm not a fan of Pat Reusse. If that fact hasn't come out yet, it probably will.

I probably shouldn't read his columns, I probably shouldn't listen to anything he has to say when he is on AM 1500, and I probably shouldn't try to make myself stay up late enough to catch him and Sid on The Sports Show on channel 23 on Sunday nights. I should probably just ignore the fact that he has opinions about sports all-together. But Reusse is just like Sid: he's everywhere. Reusse is like that co-worker that gets under your skin, sometimes it seems like he doesn't know he's doing it, other times it feels like he knows exactly the right buttons to push.

The reason I'm not a fan of Reusse is that, to me, he tends toward negativity just for the sake of being negative. He's a sour, biter old man that has enjoyed a very nice career thanks to the local sports community, and you'd think he'd find it in his heart to not be such a curmudgeon. He doesn't.

Generally he spends an entire column bashing one person, or team. But on Saturday, Reusse decided to bash Tim Brewster, Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress, all in one column, while somehow finding a back-handed way to praise Kevin McHale (... and don't even get me started on McHale).

As Reusse points out, five weeks ago he suggested that Brewster "shut up and coach," and much to Pat's chagrin, Coach Brewster has not done that. I'm glad he hasn't. I'm also glad that Pat isn't a Gopher fan. We don't need him.

In a few years, on September 12, 2009, when the new stadium opens and the team is building a future in the Big10, Pat Reusse will be at the first game in TCF Stadium. He'll probably find a way to bash Coach Brewster even then. But if, by some miracle, he DOES jump on the Gopher bandwagon, let's all remember what he was like this year.

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