Monday, October 22, 2007

The hardest part

In the words of the immortal Tom Petty: "You take it on faith, you take it to the heart... the waiting is the hardest part."

That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about the Gophers football program right now. I believe things off the field are going in the right direction, but I take it pretty hard when they aren't going well on the field, and the waiting is the hardest part of the equation.

I was thinking about it yesterday, and while the waiting is going on, I can't decide what is more difficult about being a Gopher fan right now: the losing week after week, or the fact that I have no confidence in our team to be able to make a play when it's needed.

Of course the losses hurt. But sitting in the Dome on Saturday, watching the game, it was shocking to me how much throughout the game I just didn't believe that this team could make the play needed at any given time. If it was 3rd down for the Bison, I had no confidence (with good reason) that our defense could hold them. If it was 3rd down for the Gophers, I had no confidence that they could complete a pass or run for the yardage needed for a first down.

And THAT might be the most difficult part for me right now. Like I said, of course the loss hurts, but what is even a little bit harder, for me anyway, is that I just don't even have the hope and confidence that I usually do that we might be able to pull out a win on any given Saturday.

A friend of mine, and Bison fan, told me that he still thinks the Gophers have another win in them this season. Well, I hope he's right, cause I'll be honest, this is as low as I've felt since I became serious as a Gopher fan.

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