Monday, October 20, 2008


Yeah I did not know what I was talking about when it came to the Big 10 this past weekend...

What I said: Wisconsin's a good team and Iowa is not
What happened: Iowa 38 Wisconsin 16
So I let my "I hate Iowa!" bias skew my logic here (and for the commenter who said the two point conversion penalty in the Scony/Michigan game was correct: you sir, are also correct! I was trying to post that Saturday morning in under an hour due to time constrains. As my picks for the weekend showed: I'm an idiot). Iowa didn't look great to start the season, and I would have loved nothing more than to see the Hawkeyes stink and be able to laugh at them. Loudly. Well after taking Wisconsin out behind the woodshed Saturday it looks like Iowa is still very much a legit team this year, and that Last Game at the Metrodome November 22 could be VERY interesting. Against the Badgers Iowa rode junior tailback Shonn Green as he ran for 217 yards on just 25 carries (it was also his 8th straight game with at least 109 yards rushing), got another solid performance from sophomore QB Ricky Stanzi, and held the Badgers under 160 yards rushing (yes Scony piled up 251 passing yards. But they only completed 50% of their passes and got picked 3 times. If the Badgers are throwing on you 41 times, it means you're winning).

As for Wisconsin, they've lost 4 in a row and cannot find anyone to play quarterback. Defensively they're starting to get exposed as they play better offensive teams. In their first two Big 10 losses to Ohio State and Michigan, the Badgers lost close low scoring games. Of course the Buckeyes and Wolverines had the two worst offenses in the conference heading into the weekend. But the last two weeks, they couldn't stop the pass against Penn State (giving up 271 passing) and then against Iowa got steamrolled by Green and the Hawkeyes. With two more good offenses coming up (Illinois and Michigan State), and then your Golden Gophers on the 15th, it's possible the Badgers won't be bowling for the first time since 1997.

What I Said: I do not believe in Northwestern and Purdue has been a victim of a tough early season schedule
What Happened: Northwestern 48 Purdue 26

After the Wildcats trouncing of the Boilermakers Saturday, I do believe one thing: Purdue sucks! Sure the Boilermakers outgained Northwestern 466 to 451, but after leading 6-0 in the first quarter, Purdue trailed 24-12 at half and 34-12 after 3 before piling up some meaningless late game stats. I am also ready to say with confidence that quarterback Curtis Painter is officially overrated after getting picked 3 times. Purdue is NOT a victim of a tough schedule, and are simply one of the two worst teams in the Big 10. Glad we cleared that up. Northwestern? The Iowa win certainly looks better with each week, but I still want to see more. We'll learn nothing next week (they host Indiana), but November will give us the indicator I'm looking for as the Wildcats close at Minnesota, home to Ohio State, at Michigan, and home to Illinois. Split those four games, and I'll admit I was wrong and Northwestern's legit.

What I Said: Michigan will keep things MUCH closer than the 25 point spread
What Happened: Penn State 46 Michigan 17

Well I was right for the first half- or maybe until 3 minutes into the second quarter. Michigan scored a TD three minutes into the second quarter, giving them a 17-7 lead, and there was panic in the Sea of White (seriously is there a cooler environment than Penn State with the Sea of White and the navy "S" in the student section?) that the Michigan jinx wasn't going away. Then Penn State settled down and reality set in as the Nittany Lions would put up 39 unanswered points to win in the route many (not me!) predicted. The Wolverines ran the ball effectively (202 yards on 4.4 per carry) but were once again held under 100 yards passing, while fter the slow start Penn State still posted their usual offensive fireworks (231 rushing, 251 passing). Penn State is every bit deserving of their #3 BCS ranking, and the Wolverines, no matter how much history and tradition are on their side, are not going to be any good this year without a quarterback to run Rich Rodriguez's system (just throwing this out there: why run this offense when you don't have the QB to do it? Rodriguez set PASSING records with an offense at Tulane- remember Shaun King?- before his time at West Virginia. Why not ease the transition with a more traditional offense until you have somebody that can run the spread? Maybe it's me)

From the "Sun Shines on a Dog's A**" Department

What I Said: Illinois bounces back in a big way
What Happened: Illinois 55 Indiana 13

What I Said: Things could get ugly at Spartan Stadium
What Happened: Ohio State 45 Michigan State 7
Despite yet another underwhelming offensive performance (just 332 total yards) the Buckeyes led 28-0 at the half and cruised to victoy as they held the nation's leading rusher Javon Ringer to just 67 yards on 16 carries.

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