Monday, October 13, 2008

Weber had surgery?

Thanks to The Daily Gopher for pointing this out today. Count me as one of the people who completely missed this little tidbit of information, from the Strib.
Gophers coach Tim Brewster confirmed after the game that Weber, who has taken every snap at quarterback this season save for a two-point conversion at Ohio State, had the surgery last Sunday. It came one day after the Gophers' 16-7 victory over Indiana.
First of all, wow! Weber played a really nice game for just coming off of surgery.

Second of all, wow! The advances in medicine are such that a player can have surgery on a knee and play just six days later.

I understand why we didn't hear about this last week, as that would have made Weber's knee a target for the Illini defense, but I am surprised that we aren't hearing more about this now. In retrospect, that was an incredibly gutsy performance from Weber against the Illini.

It also makes more sense now why Dunbar was pushing so hard to establish the run game. I just hope that the results of that push cause him to continue to push the running game week after week to create more balance.

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