Friday, October 31, 2008

We're talking about Northwestern?

Remember good ol' Allen Iverson's "practice" rant? ("We talkin' about practice, man. What are we talkin' about? Practice? We talkin' about practice, man. We talkin' about practice.") I was just reminded of this rant by a co-worker yesterday, and just in case you missed it, Allen was talking about practice. Oooooohhh, I love that video! It's almost as good as Jim Mora's PLAYOFFS?!?!?!" rant.

Speaking of which...

Anyway, we're talking about Northwestern, and I do not mean to imply that this game is only as important as practice. On the contrary, this is an incredibly important game for the Gophers, and considering that the final three games of the season are all trophy games, where team record doesn't amount to a hill of beans, this N'Western game could almost (I said ALMOST) be called a must win.

We've gone over offenses and defenses, we've gone over records, we've gone over injuries, we've gone over expectations, we've gone over point spreads, bowl predictions and overboard... so what's the bottom line?

The line, as of today has the Gophers favored (-6.5). Although we both agree on a Gopher win, I believe the Gophers will easily cover the spread, while Jeffrick thinks they will not.

Gophers 27 - Northwestern 13
Gophers 24 - Northwestern 21

Either way we're predicting another Gopher win, and as always...


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