Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you defense!

I think I've said this before, but did you ever think we'd be talking about our defense being responsible for a win? And this isn't the first time this season.

This quote from Kent Youngblood sums up why the Gophers won yesterday at Purdue.
"After falling behind 7-0, Purdue returned the kickoff to the Minnesota 27, but the Gophers defense forced a field goal. Six other Purdue drives made it into Gophers territory, and four of those ended with turnovers."
And how cool is that?

I was commenting to my uncle on the phone after the game yesterday that, much like the Indiana & Illinois games, despite being nervous about how the Gophers were playing, especially the offense and considering all of the penalties, I never had that sinking feeling that I used to have during big Gopher games that they were going to give the game away. And I really think that has to do with the defense.

What a different feeling it is to have a defense that can actually stop somebody and take the ball away and really make a difference in the game. 4 turnovers, 6 total points and no touchdowns.

7-1!!! Feels good doesn't it?


(I'll have a more in-depth game breakdown later today or tomorrow morning.)