Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Big 10 Picks on Hallow's Eve

A few random thoughts as I yet again try to figure out the Big 10...

...Bravo to whoever came up with Halloween. You get free candy, get to dress up and act like an idiot and get away with it as long as you're "in character" and women use this night as an excuse to dress slutty (honestly, I am still amazed at how many classy, self-respecting, intelligent women have uddered the phrase "Oh I love Halloween! It's the one day of the year where I can dress slutty!"). Fan-freaking-tastic.

...If Northwestern football had fan blogs, I think these are some of the things they would talk about: What time study hall is at? What is your favorite shade of purple? When's an appropriate time to wear an ascot? Did you know our QB sounds French? Is there really ever an inappropriate time to wear an ascot?

...What's more annoying: all the political commercials, or the Toyota "Saved by Zero" commerical? You know the one, where it goes "Saavvvvveeeeeddd by Zzzeeeerrrrrooooo!!!!" Is it, or is it not on EVERY SINGLE MOTHER F&%*^ING COMMERCIAL BREAK ON EVERY CHANNEL? I was watching football on Sunday and it would come on during break of the Fox game so I'd flip to CBS only to hear "Saaaaaavvvvveeeeeddddd by Zzzzeeerrroooooo!!!" If I could afford a new car right now, I would purposely not buy a Toyota just because of those damn commericals. And just in case you don't have that song stuck in your head yet "Saved by Ze-ro! Saved by Ze-ro!"

Central Michigan @ Indiana (-3)
(Jer takes Indiana -3)
At first glance this looks like an upset special: Central Michigan (did you know they're called the Chippewas? I didn't. I could sing an old Tim McGraw song right now, but, well it's probably better if I don't) is 6-2 overall, and have won four in a row. Of course, those two losses are to the only two BCS conference opponents they've played- they got spanked by Georgia and lost to Purdue by just 5. Their point differential for the season is also -1. That's not good. With a healthy Kellen Lewis back under center, or at least splitting snaps, IU should get the win at home.
Indiana 31 C Michigan 17

Wisconsin (+4.5) @ Michigan State
(Jer Wisky +4.5)
Let's be honest: I haven't picked the Badgers right all year, so there's no reason to start now. Whatever I say here, just go ahead and do the opposite. Dustin Sherer looks to be the stabilizing guy the Badgers have needed at QB, and while the loss of TE Travis Beckum will be big, I like Wisky here. The Spartans are about due for their annual Fall Fall, and are primed for a letdown after an emotional win over Michigan.
Wisconsin 27 Michigan State 21

Michigan (+2) @ Purdue
(Jer Purdue -2)
Honestly, what's the difference between these two teams? Pretty much a coin flip at this point, and in that case, I'll take the points thank you. Not much else to say, other than thank gawd I don't have to watch this one.
Michigan 13 Purdue 9

Iowa (+3) @ Illinois
(Jer Illinois -3)
What a turnaround for the Hawkeyes. After I gleefully left them for dead a couple of weeks ago, they've knocked off Indiana and Wisconsin convincingly. QB Stanzi has been consistent, Shonn Greene just might be the best back in the conference (look at the numbers and tell me differently), and the defense has actually been good all season. Iowa has given up just 63 points in 4 Big 10 games (15.75 per game) and on the season have outscored opponents 238-92. Illinois is 3-3 in their last 6, so according to their season they're due for a win. Close, but not close enough.
Iowa 31 Illinois 24

Northwestern (+6.5) @ Minnesota
(Jer Minny -6.5)
Really, really, REALLY nervous for this one. If the Gophers were involved in a trap game this year, I would have assumed it would have been their opponent overlooking THEM, not the other way around. Not to say Minnesota is overlooking the Purple Smart Kids, but it seems like with injuries to Bacher and Sutton, as well as how bad the Wildcats looked against Indiana last week, there's almost a little TOO much working in the Gophs favor right now. I think (hell I HOPE!!) the Gophers roll over a weakened Wildcats team, but I have a feeling this one is going to be close. Gophers 24 Northwestern 21

(Last Week 3-3. Season 10-7)

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