Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bye Week Podcast

The newest podcast is up and ready for your approval, just click on the podcast player to your right.

After the 6-1 start Jeffrick and I were a little loosey-goosey this week (thank you Miller High Life) talking victory over Illiniois, bowl game outlook, Big10 standings, and giving several shout-outs to The Daily Gopher.

Give it a listen, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy creating it.

Also, speaking of you enjoying it, we'd really love your feedback. Even if it's just to say "yes, I've been listening," that would be great. Like I said, we really are having a good time putting it together, so we're going to keep pushing them out, but we'd love to know if people are actually giving it a listen, and what you think. And if you have ideas, let us know. Maybe you'd like for us to interview you for a future podcast...? That would be interesting. Anyway, let us know.



Anonymous said...

So.... Living the High Life huh? Oh how sweet it is that the Gophers are giving us the opportunity to crow and look forward to a bowl game possibility this early in the season. I agree, the extra month of practice is HUGE! Looking forward to your pod casts and even more to the rest of the Gopher season! I sure like this year way better than last!


(Who hates Iowa?!)

cappszilla said...

I really really really like the podcast, and I listen to it too.