Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is this a joke?

The Rivalry, Esq. is a blog that focuses on the Big10. Today they decided to rank the Big10 quarterbacks...

They ranked Adam Weber 6th in the Big10.

Here's the list:
1. Daryll Clark - Penn State
2. Terrelle Pryor - OSU
3. Juice Williams - Illinois
4. C.J. Bacher - N'Western
5. Chris Painter - Purdue
6. Adam Weber - Gophers
7. Ricky Stanzi - Iowa
8. Brian Hoyer - Michigan State
9. Allen Evridge - Wisconsin
10. Kellen Lewis - Indiana
11. Steve Threet - Michigan
Now look, I know I have spent a good amount of words talking about what Adam Weber can do better. And I also realize that I'm a total homer. I'm not going to deny that. I get it, I admit it, I'm okay with it.

But honestly? Adam Weber the 6th best quarterback in the Big10 right now? Really? Seriously? This has to be a joke, right?

First of all, no idea what criteria they have used to compile this list, but clearly it wasn't actual stats. I mean, using actual stats to put together a list like this would be silly wouldn't it? I mean, just unnecessary altogether. Why waste time on something like statistics.

But just for fun, just for, oh, I don't know, poops and giggles, let's take a look. Here is a list of some Big10 QB stats, followed by Adam Weber's rank in the Big10 in that statistic.
Passing yards - 1st
Completion % - 1st
Passing Efficiency Rating - 2nd
Total Completions - 1st
Passing Yards/attempt - 3rd
TD passes - 3rd
Do those look like the statistical rankings of the 6th rated QB in the conference?


Graham Filler said...

Golden Gopher Football, great to see your thoughts on the Big 10 quarterback rankings. Let me defend my rankings quickly and mention the shortcomings of your post…and hopefully we can keep up the dignified attacks throughout the CFB year.

My Rankings

Ranking quarterbacks in week 5/6 is an incredibly arbitrary process. I’ve seen Adam Weber put up solid statistics against Florida Atlantic and Montana State, but I’ve also seen Curtis Painter and C.J. Bacher make impressive 4th quarter drives against Oregon and Iowa. How do I judge which QB is better? Obviously you believe that inflated statistics against weak competition is more impressive than clutch drives versus BCS conference schools. I tend to lean the other way.

Further, I don’t trust JUST statistics in ranking QB’s for multiple reasons. Anyone who follows Painter knows that just because he is #2 in passing yards in the Big 10, this stat doesn’t speak to his inability to finish drives with touchdown passes. And even though Todd Boeckman may throw for more yards than Terrelle Pryor, God knows that Pryor runs the Buckeye offense more effectively.

Finally, it’s early, oh so early in the season! Right now I don’t have too much to work with; my week 9 poll will naturally be more accurate. If Weber keeps up his stats against Big 10 competition and gets some wins, he will be ranked higher. But it’s hard to highly rate a quarterback with an 0-9 record in Big 10 games...

Your Post

You wrote an entire post about the idiocy of my rankings…and then failed to give your own, leaving me (and your readers) no explanation for your rant. If you believe Weber’s stats make him so damn good, give him a rating.

Further, the whole basis of your post was that Weber’s statistics were better than most Big 10 QB’s – but than you failed to explain why you think statistics (especially week 5/6 statistics) are so much more important than leadership or big game performances.


God, you can tell I go to law school, I write conclusions in the Comments sections of blogs. Let’s agree on one thing: Thank god for quarterbacks. So many players and positions are next to impossible to rate, but a good quarterback argument is always worthwhile. Hopefully you can provide some more support for Weber…and I will continue with my rankings, trying to hone in on a more accurate list each week.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Read it religiously. got owned on this! Part of that equation that gut feeling of how a quarterback is lead that team down the field and I just don't think Adam has that X factor yet. Admit are really a huge homer! Having said that, we need more homers!!

Anonymous said...

We want podcast!

Sam said...

You can definitely tell he goes to law school. You got smoked man. Rebuttal time - let's see what you got.