Friday, October 17, 2008


In watching highlights and replays of the Gophers win over Illinois last Saturday, it occurred to me how much instant replay was necessary in that game.

As a Gopher fan, you have to be pretty happy that replay is in place, considering that Eric Decker's opening drive touchdown was originally called out of bounds, but over-turned by replay, and both the 3rd & 4th down stops on the goal-line were originally called Juice Williams TD's, but then overturned because replay showed he was down on both.

I haven't heard much chatter about this, and I haven't looked into any Illinois message boards, but I have to imagine that the Illini fans are not thrilled with having instant replay in the games based on those plays.

You can argue that Minnesota was moving the ball well on that opening drive, so they may very well have scored even if Decker's play hadn't been called a TD, but how would the game have been different if one Juice's TD's hadn't been overturned on either of those goal line stops?

We can speculate... but I'm glad we don't know the answer.

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