Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You've Got Questions? Good Because We've Got...

...well, actually more questions. Sure, we've got the run of the mill stuff like:
Why are all political campaign ads negative?
Why didn't I read the reviews about the movie "Eagle Eye" before I went to see it? (For the record, my thought process went like this: "I like the Transformers kid, Michelle whatshername is hot, and Billy Bob Thornton is Billy Bob Thornton. What could go wrong?" Well a lot, that's what. A lot. Don't make the same mistake I did).
How much do you love that there's no New York baseball teams in the playoffs this year?
How nervous are you for the Twins game tonight with Chicago's best starter on the mound (Danks) and one of the Twinkies worst (Blackburn)? And did I mention the wind is blowing out?

Of course we also have much more pertinent questions about the Big 10 as we head into October...

Is (Are? Is? Grammar? Somebody?) Penn State REALLY better than Ohio State?
Look, I get it: everybody's very bored with THE Ohio State University. They've dominated the Big 10 the past two years yet have been crushed in two straight national title games, and then got flat out embarrassed by USC. Everybody's sick and tired of the Scarlet and Grey and are just DYING to crown a new king of the Big Ten. And since Ohio State lost to USC who lost to Oregon State who lost to Penn State well hey that makes Penn State the new champs!

As Lee Corso would say (among the many incoherent things he yells) "not so fast my friends!" Hey I watched the Nittany Lions against Illinois, and they looked great. Daryll Clark really is the guy they've been missing at QB since Michael Robinson graduated, they've got a stable of good backs, Derrick Williams is finally fulfilling his potential, and the D is formidable. So far they look the part of a top 10 team, and that is GREAT for the conference. But how quickly we forget, or want to forget, that Ohio State is still loaded. They're more dangerous offensively now that the usually conservative Jim Tressell has turned his offense over to super frosh Terelle Pryor, Beanie Wells (when healthy) is still the best back in the conference, their receivers are NFL caliber, the line is improving and their defense? Still one of the nation's best. Yep, they laid a gigantic egg in the Coliseum against USC two weeks ago, but they have flat dominated the conference the last three years with a 22-2 record. I know people want to bury the Buckeyes, but they're far from dead.

Who had a worse weekend: the Badgers or Packers?
Ahhhh yeah sure it's not particularly classy to revel in the ills of others, but sometimes it feels good when the Gophs' neighboring state of cheese has some down times for a change. Bucky Badger and the Wisconsin Winnebego ran into a real defense for the first time, and the results weren't pretty. Michigan outrushed them 172-155, and while QB Allen Everidge threw for 226 yards, he got picked twice and completed just 36% of his passes. Not exactly a recipe for success. But hey, on the bright side they play the next two weeks at home at Camp Randall in prime time. What's that? They play Ohio State and Penn State in those games? Um sorry Badger fans. But did I mention Aaron Rodgers shoulder isn't dislocated?

Is Michigan for real?
Up until halftime of the Badger game, the Wolverines were AWFUL for their first five games! Come to think of it, while this game had an exciting conclusion, the offenses set back the college game at least 50 years. But hey, Michigan pulled it together for a huge comeback in the Big House, and now we're all wondering which team we'll see the rest of the year. While the offense was still, um "lacking" (and that's being kind. Despite the comeback, they still finished with only 268 yards, with just 96 of those through the air on just 3.1 yards per pass. Ouch) a win over Wisconsin is still a big accomplishment, and if Michigan's defense can give the kind of effort they did in the second half, they could go bowling this year after all.

Is Iowa really this bad?
We can only hope so. WHO HATES IOWA?

Do you know who's third in the Big 10 in points per game and passing yards?
Would you believe it's your very own Golden Gophers? The Gophs are averaging 33.2 points and 230.8 passing yards per game. Didn't it take Minnesota an entire month to pass for that many yards under Glen Mason?

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