Saturday, September 20, 2008


How 'bout that Gopher fans? 4-0!!!

After the season we had last year did you think we'd be at this point after 4 games? Look, we all get it, two MAC teams, a Sun Belt team and one FCS team. These aren't elite or big time programs. But this team won ONE game last year... ONE!!! These were 4 teams that the Gophers were supposed to beat, and they did, and that is a big step for this program after last year.

Defense wins...
The saying goes that defense wins championships, but I think I speak for all of Gopher Nation when I say that we are pretty happy at this point to have our defense helping us just win games. Last season, and for most of the past two decades, the Gopher offense has constantly had to make up for the defensive deficiences by having to score early and often. But this season's defense has shown, at the very least, an ability to stop someone. It's been awhile since we've felt that way.

Junior, Junior, Sophomore, Junior.
Those are the eligibility years of the four Gophers who intercepted Rusty Smith on Saturday. Lee Campbell, Traye Simmons, Kyle Theret, Simoni Lawrence. The defense is playing so much better than last years defensive squad, it's almost hard to believe it's the same team. And in many ways, it isn't. Different players, different coordinator, and clearly different results. And the players that are making an impact are still young. I know we're only 1/3 through this regular season... but this defense has a chance to be really special next year.

4-0... in the words of Borat... THAT'S NICE!!!

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