Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy to be wrong

Well, I predicted a loss in this game, more than once, and I could NOT be more happy to have been wrong about this game! With as young as this team is, and obviously after last season, every win we can get is huge.

One of the things that I've been most impressed with about Brewster is the second half adjustments that have been made while the Gophers have been under his watch. Tonight was not only not an exception, it was incredible. Talk about a tale of two halves!

The Gophers looked really good again tonight on their opening drive, but then seemed to sputter a bit through the rest of the first half. Looks like Dunbar is doing a really nice job of scripting out that first drive?

How about the defense actually helping to keep us in the game?!?! They gave up a lot of yards in this game (390 total, 253 passing, 137 rushing), especially in the first half, but they came up with some big plays when they needed them, found a way to put some pressure on Sheehan in the second half, did a great job getting after the ball, and I could be wrong... but I don't remember seeing the Gophers give up a 3rd & long all night.

How about that interception by Trumaine Brock? My goodness! I had the pleasure tonight of watching the game with two fellow bloggers, one of which was one of the guys over at The Daily Gopher (who by the way brought his laptop to Buffalo Wild Wings so that he could be involved in their live chat during the game... how's THAT for dedication?), and as Sheehan's pass was in the air he said "watch, he'll be wide open." A statement which I wholeheartedly agreed with... which was followed immediately by the loudest cheering of the evening!

What a great performance by Weber! Exactly the kind of performances he's going to need to have against Big10 competition. He was in control and efficient all night long. 21/25, 257 yards, 3 TD's through the air, 1 on the ground, and most importantly, no turnovers! I was really impressed with his performance tonight. I thought that Weber showed great maturity with a willingness to take the sack a few times. I did think that he threw a few ill-advised passes, but he also threaded the needle nicely a few times, most notably on the touchdown pass to Decker in the 4th quarter.

This just in: Eric Decker is legit.

Very good to see Shady Salamon get some runs tonight. A pretty impressive performance for the young guy from Cretin. Looks like he's got a shot at a very productivce career as a Gopher.

Nice win Gopher Nation, nice win!

2-0 BABY!!!


Bryce said...

That was a great game, I wish I could have seen it.
You guys should advertise your next get-together on your blog. I bet you could get a bunch of readers to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings for the game- it would be a good time.

Anonymous said...

As always, nicely written review of the game! I am beginning to think that there is hope for MUCH improvement yet this year. The teams confidence has t be building and their attitudes have to be positive... Both good indications that good times are ahead! Keep up the good work! See you at the game next week!