Monday, September 1, 2008


Here's a stat that Sid ran in his column today that I wasn't aware of, but it's an ugly one:

"One interesting fact about the Gophers victory is that the Huskies passed for zero yards in the first quarter but finished with 326 yards in the remaining three quarters."

That's right, the Gopher defense gave up and average of over 100 yards per quarter in those quarters. That's ugly.

In this article, Sid also says that the Gophers recruiting class wasn't a big factor in the win. While the recruiting class may not have been a big factor in the win, I would contend that the class had a nice showing in this game. I've had some trouble finding defensive stats for the game, but in going through the play-by-play, here's what I found:
-Troy Stoudermire had two kickoff returns for 74 yards
-Trumaine Brock had 5 tackles
-Traye Simmons had 4 tackles
-Jewhan Edwards had 2 tackles
-Simoni Lawrence had 3 tackles and forced a fumble

While I wouldn't use the phrase "big factor," (so I guess I'd be agreeing with Sid) I think that it is noteworthy that this recruiting class had the impact in this game that it did.

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