Monday, September 8, 2008

Recruiting having an immediate impact

Last week Sid mentioned that Brewster's first full recruiting class didn't have a big impact on the win over NIU. A sentiment that I disputed, but only slightly.

But there is no disputing the impact that this recruiting class had on the win over Bowling Green on Saturday. Check these numbers out (courtesy of

Tramaine Brock - 3 solo tackles, 5 assists & 1 interception. His 8 total tackles led the team.
Simoni Lawrence - 3 solo tackles, 4 assists & was a part of the Gophers only sack of the night.
Traye Simmons - 2 solo tackles, 5 assists.
4 Gopher players had a part in at least 7 tackles, and 3 of them were the above recruits.
Troy Stoudermire - 2 returns for 73 yards.
Shady Salamon - 12 rushes for 64 yards (5.3 yds/carry), and 1 touchdown.

These players are adding not only to the depth of this team, but are making an impact on the field right away. The three making the greatest impact on the defense, Brock, Lawrence and Simmons, are all JUCO transfers who are Juniors according to eligibility. While recruiting JUCO players who have only 2 or 3 years of eligibility left isn't the ideal recruiting situation, if players like these can make an immediate impact on the team, I'm all for it.

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