Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Links & Thoughts

-Has anyone else noticed... With the Twins having a pretty good summer, Reusse didn't have very much negativity to throw around, so I'm sure he was licking his chops coming into the Gophers season. But Pat has been noticably quiet about the Gophers in the last few weeks. Except for an article 7 days ago where Pat mentioned Moses Alipate, by my count Reusse hasn't even MENTIONED the Gopher football team since August 31st.

I'd like to send out a THANK YOU to the Gopher football team on behalf of all of Gopher Nation for quieting Pat down for awhile.

-National mention... ESPN Big10 blogger, Adam Rittenburg, called the Gophers the Big10's biggest surprise so far this season in one of his 20 or so blog posts yesterday. Clearly the results have been much higher than what people expected. It's safe to say that the national media didn't expect much out of the Gophers, and I don't know anyone (myself included) who expected 4-0 going into Big10 play.

-Feels like the past?... Kent Youngblood from the Strib:
" fellow in the press box commented on how much this felt like past seasons, when the Gophers would cruise through a relatively soft nonconference schedule and you still wouldn’t know what kind of team you had."
I think that probably sums up a lot of what is going through the heads of Gopher fans right now. 4-0 feels good, and a bit of a surprise, but what do we really have here? Having said that, I think it's safe to say that we don't know much about what we have with any of the teams in the Big10. Outside of Michigan losing to Notre Dame, Ohio State losing to USC and Wisconsin beating Fresno State, Big10 teams haven't played the toughest non-conference schedules.

-And just for fun... the Gopher Football Blog brings to you... the Dramatic Chipmunk.

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