Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looking back...

It just occurred to me, can you imagine how unbearable reading the paper and watching sports on the news would be today if Duane Bennett hadn't gotten that first down? Holy crap! Reusse would be calling for Brewster's job and Sid (always stating the obvious) would be saying that Brewster should have gone for the field goal. A little birdy would probably have something boring to tell shooter about Brewster. Cripes, I bet even Lou Holtz would have been spitting all over the ESPN studio desk talking about how dumb Brewster was.

I think we can all agree that Gopher Football, and the world for crying out loud, is a better place today because Bennett got that first down.

So what about Brewster deciding to go for it on that play? Word in the paper today was that Brewster never questioned whether to go for it or not, he only called the time-out to decide how they were going to do it. (Speaking of timeouts... anybody notice that Brewster AGAIN called a timeout, I think in the 2nd quarter, when the Gophers were on defense and the game clock was about to run out on the opposing offense? Also, since we are talking about clock management... what the heck kind of effort was that at the end of the 1st half?)

I commend Brewster for making that call. When he called that timeout I was nervous that he was suddenly going to go conservative on us. But you've got to hand it to Brewster. At the end of the day, if he's nothing else, he's a man with gigantic 'nads.

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