Friday, August 29, 2008

The Daily Gopher

If you haven't yet heard, the authors of two fantastic Gopher related blogs have joined forces. The authors of Paging Jim Shikenjanski and Gopher Nation, have come together to form The Daily Gopher.

Aside from being a very aesthetically pleasing blog to look at, these guys are top notch writers, who really know their stuff, are well plugged in and who are far more objective and less emotional than I am.

On a personal note, through the magic of Facebook, the gentleman who goes by Gopher Nation and I discovered this week that we grew up going to Bible camp together. I recall him being the only person that I went to camp with in those days whose opinions about sports were ones that I actually respected. Turns out I've been respecting his opinions and his work on Gopher Sports on his Gopher Nation blog, and we've been linking to each others blogs for a year, and we didn't even know who was behind them until this past week.

He's a heck of a guy, it's a heck of a blog, it's got tremendous upside potential, I couldn't be more pleased, it's fantasic, they are football guys, they represent the state of Minnesota well, (insert additional hyperbolic Brewster-ism here) and you should definitely check out The Daily Gopher. (Link to The Daily Gopher also available to the right in my blog list.)

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