Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camp opens... some thoughts

Well, fall football practices have started for your Golden Gopher Football squad, and the leader of the pack appears to have toned things down a bit this year.

I was slightly surprised when I began reading the article in the Strib talking about Coach Brewster taking a softer approach this fall. However, considering Brew had his hands, and his coaches hands on, his players during the off-season, and had the opportunity to focus them on strength and conditioning training throughout, it seems reasonable that he would have a more comfortable feeling coming into camp this year. Let's just hope his intensity on the field doesn't wear off.

One person who doesn't have a more comfortable feeling going into fall camp this year is Offensive Line Coach Phil Meyer. One of the few bright spots from last seasons disappointing team appears to be a question mark as August 30th gets closer. It looks as though 10 guys will get playing time on the offensive line this season and there could be a lot of shifting of positions as guys get used to the Big10. We all know how important the offensive line is in Big10 football, so it's absolutely paramount that this group comes together quickly.

Even with the great recruiting class that the coaching staff brought into the program this year, you had to wonder what impact they would have. Safety/LB Simoni Lawrence was a name you heard as someone who could make an immediate impact, and it appears that, at least thus far in camp, that theory remains intact. I can't tell you how excited I am to be seeing articles about the DEFENSE during fall practice. After last season you knew this had to happen, and hopefully the quick impact that some of these recruits are having in camp will carry over into the season.

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