Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"You want a rivalry...."

There is clearly no love lost between Bret Bielema and Coach Brewster. Bielema said after the Gopher/Badger game "You want a rivalry... you got one."


As if the Border Battle wasn't heated enough, Bielema just raised the stakes. I love it!!! Apparently Decker and CB Ikegwuonu were going at each other, not always above the belt, all game long. I love the fire!

I have to tell you, the Gophers had me fired up on Saturday. I don't ever remember seeing a Gopher defense as fired up as the one we saw on Saturday. I don't ever remember seeing guys flying around the ball and just generally sacrificing absolutely everything they had, leaving absolutely everything they had in them on the field before. It was fantastic to watch! The young guys are learning to play big time ball and they are learning to do so ON THE JOB.

That was one of the most entertaining games that I recall watching in a long time, and part of it was that I just wanted to Gophers to win that game so much, not for the fans, but for the players. They ABSOLUTELY deserved to win that game. They played their hearts out, and for the first time ever you could really, and truly, see it from the stands.

There are some great things to be excited about with the Gopher Football program!!!

Ski-U-Mah, my friends, SKI-U-MAH!!!

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