Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Handshake heard round the Midwest

Look, we all know Bret Bielema is a cocky guy. To some extent he has a right to be. But let's be honest, he won big last year with Alvarez's guys, and he's still doing it.

Below you will find the highlight video of Saturday's Border Battle from the Big Ten Network...

Two things... First, did anyone else think the refs calling the touchdown for Wiscy at the beginning of the 4th Quarter when the score was tied at 20 was questionable?

Second, and the reason for this post, have another look at Bielema's handshake with Brewster (if you can call it that) after the game... I'm going to go ahead and refrain from calling him any choice words... but let the record show that I certainly would like to!!!

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