Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Tim Brewster gets the Dreaded Vote of Confidence"

I missed this quick article last week by Tom Fornelli on AOL Sports last week.

Because often times a coach gets fired even after hearing the words, it's very popular right now when an Athletic Director or owner of a team says they have confidence in their coach in the midst of a bad season, for the media to say that the AD or owner gave their coach the "dreaded" vote of confidence. Fornelli was obviously gravy-training on this trend because in his piece on Brewster he doesn't develop this any further. In fact, he goes as far as to say that Maturi is right, that Brewster does deserve more time to prove that he can build a program.

Fornelli's article is actually spot on, summed up by this...

"Say what you will about the Gophers performance on the field this season, but at the very least, they weren't lying down for anybody. They played hard in every game, they just didn't have the talent to compete."

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Anonymous said...

Mobley committed to OSU! Bummer