Thursday, November 15, 2007


I would like you to take a moment to read this article.

Written by a U of Wisconsin student and band member, I think that this article represents perfectly the smug attitude that Badger fans come into the Dome with this weekend. They like to make fun of our team and our stadium, and yet, every single year, without fail, they flock to the Metrodome.

I think this sums up what we can look forward to this weekend...

"...for some reason, Gopher fans get excited for this border battle game every year, no matter how slim their chances of winning.
Most of you will likely run into people on the streets of Minneapolis who will shout things at you or tell you how bad the Badgers are. All any Wisconsin fan will have to say to them after, however, is one word: scoreboard.
Don’t be too harsh on those Gophers, though. They’ve had a rough go at it this year. Their 1-10 record is haunting enough; they don’t need to be told how dismal their team’s season has been.
OK, who am I kidding? Go ahead and remind them."

Hopefully the Gopher football team has seen this article. If Coach Brewster's kids needed any bulletin board fodder to get them up for this game... Tyler Mason has delivered.

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