Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My biggest fear

All along it has looked the the Gophers losing ways on the field were not affecting recruiting in a negative way. But we'd have to be a bit crazy to not be at least worried that it was going to have a negative affect at some point.

Brendan Kelly, a 3-star defensive line recruit from Holy Angels had verbally committed to the Gophers, but planned to keep the rest of his official visits... can you say red flag?

Well, we've learned this morning, from Chip Scoggins, that Kelly has withdrawn his verbal commitment from the Golden Gophers and will pursue other options.

This has been my biggest fear all along, and now it's coming true. A recruit like Kelly withdrawing his commitment is bad for the Gophers football team on the field, and it doesn't bode well for other recruits either. These kids could very well start to wonder why he withdrew his commitment.

Kelly claims that it has nothing to do with the Gophers 1-9 record, and it only had to do with where he feels comfortable. Funny how he started feeling uncomfortable at Minnesota at precisely the time when things could not be going any worse on the field.

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