Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And then there were two...

... schools that is. Two is the number of schools that stand-out Eden Prairie defensive lineman Willie Mobley has narrowed his list of places where he might play college football next year.

The good news is that one of them is the Gold Country of Gopher Nation's Minnesota Golden Gophers!

The bad news is that the other one is none other than THE Ohio State University.

Here are some of the reasons that it seems possible, or maybe even likely, that Mobley will stay home:

1. Playing close to friends and family.
2. Immediate playing time in the Big10. Big fish, small pond.
3. Academics.
4. The chance to be a stand-out on and off the field, to be beloved by Minnesotans everywhere, to step into a Big10 program where he is immediately THE man, and to be a celebrity in his own home town for the rest of his life.
5. The chance to be spoken forever as one of the premier names that helped turn Golden Gopher football around.

I think I speak for ALL of Gopher Nation when I say to Mr Willie Mobley: PLEASE STAY HOME AND BUILD OUR PROGRAM!!!

SKI-U-MAH, Willie Mobley, SKI-U-MAH!!!

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