Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it begin...

Another podcast available to you and boy have we got a good one... at least we think we do.

We had a really good conversation with a Kansas Jayhawks football blogger. DJ from Hawk Digest gave us some great insight into what we can expect from the Jayhawks on New Year's Eve, as well as giving us his thoughts on Glen Mason (who he actually liked, if you can believe it). DJ thinks his Jayhawks can put up 38 points on our Gophs, and predicts a KU win... can you say BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL?!?!?! (Okay, not quite.)

We also jabber a bit about holiday parties, coaching changes in college football, and some other stuff that you will probably find both stimulating and memorable.

Check it out (it's over to your right, also available on iTunes), and as we always ask, please let us know what you think.



Anonymous said...

I think you guys have developed a very nice project. I enjoy reading your posts and listening to your pod casts. Of course I enjoy anything Gopher football related, but enjoy your insight into whatever you write/talk about.

As far as the guy you talked with from kansas...... Not to be disrespectful, but he seemed a bit to comfortable with his birds. I can only hope we put together a great scheme and show the nation a bit of what Gopher football is going to become in the very near future. That said I sure hope our Gophers don't lay an egg! (WHO HATES IOWA?!)

Jermo- See you in a few days!
Jeff- Have a safe and very MERRY CHRISTMAS! (There.... I said it!)

DJ-HawkDigest said...

Yeah, I think I came off a little too cocky as well. No disrespect intended toward the Gophers -- it just feels like Mangino and the Hawks are a little further along in the progression than a year two program for Brewster. The schedule this year was brutal and with a month to heal I think the Jayhawks are looking forward to a mid-level team as an opponent.

For Gopher fans, I'd say you look to the Nebraska game for the model. They physically manhandled the Jayhawks and that cost us what we thought was a winnable game (plus the division).

Thanks for the interview opportunity -- have fun in Tempe!