Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Five Big 10 Players Named to AP 1st Team

The Associated Press have announced their annual All-America team, and five Big 10 players made their first team: tailbacks Shonn Greene of Iowa and Javon Ringer of Michigan State on offense, and on defense Penn State defensive end Aaron Maybin, and Ohio State linebacker James Laurenitis and corner Malcolm Jenkins. Laurenitis made 1st Team AP All-American for the third straight season, which is great because the Champlain, MN native did not get recruited by the Gophers. Thanks again, Coach Mason, we couldn't have used him.

When the year started, I think we could have predicted Laurenitis and Jenkins would have made this team, and quite possibly Ringer, but Greene (did you know he was selling furniture last year? Did you know that? DID YOU KNOW?!?! IT'S THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD!!! I'm so excited about it I'm going to strip naked, paint myself black and gold and go steal somebody's goal posts!!!!!!!!!) and Maybin (only got a shot to play because of injuries) were the biggest surprises.

As good a season as Eric Decker had, the ankle injury hurt his production late in the season, and to be honest, even if Decker had put in a full year I couldn't take him over Michael Crabtree or Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State on the first team. But assuming he stays and the offense improves, he'll have a great shot to make this team next year as a senior.

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