Thursday, December 4, 2008

All apologies...

We've been slacking... plain and simple.

We got fat and happy on the turkey and gravy of a post 4 game losing streak long holiday weekend where we didn't have to watch the Gophers lose a game that we thought they could win. Of course, they didn't even play, but at least we didn't have to watch them lose again.

Leaving the Iowa game was horrible, and it made me remember what the entire season felt like in 2007. Week after week of disappointment, head shaking and wondering if there was an end to this. 2008 was a reprieve with a 7-1 start, but then it all came back to us.

Add to that the post-Thanksgiving week catch-up game at work... and yeah, no excuses, we've been slacking.

We WILL be recording a podcast this weekend... put it on the board, you will have a podcast by Sunday night.

And you will have new and meaningful posts from us starting again very soon. We're getting our mojo back, recovering from a tough season end, and we're getting ready for bowl season.


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