Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GGFB Top 25: Week 2

Totally meant to get our preseason Top 25 up before the game Saturday...and like Adam Weber, I threw one away. So here, without anymore excuses, is the Top 25 for week 2. We'll do this every week from now on. No really, we will. For reference, here's the major polls.

GGFB Top 25
1. Florida (1-0)
2. Texas (1-0)
3. Alabama (1-0)
4. USC (1-0)
5. Oklahoma State (1-0)
6. Penn State (1-0)
7. Mississippi (1-0)
8. LSU (1-0)
9. BYU (1-0)
10. California (1-0)
11. Ohio State (1-0)
12. Georgia Tech (1-0)
13. Boise State (1-0)
14. Oklahoma (0-1)
15. Virginia Tech (0-1)
16. Utah (1-0)
17. Nebraska (1-0)
18. TCU (0-0)
19. North Carolina (1-0)
20. Georgia (0-1)
21. Miami FL (1-0)
22. Oregon State (1-0)
23. Kansas (1-0)
24. Missouri (1-0)
25. Notre Dame (1-0)

The top four are clearly ahead of everyone else right now: Florida and Texas aren't going anywhere until they lose, in their win over a good Tech team, Bama showed they're a legit threat to Florida in the SEC, and USC took care of business. 5-11 is a total judgement call, as I don't see much separating those six teams right now. Georgia Tech is intriguing, and Boise State won the one game that was supposed to be tough- yet Oregon's now out of the top 25 and will probably stay there, so how good are the Broncos really? We won't know until the bowl season because it's Cupcake City for their next 11 games. They might fall in the rankings but they're certainly not rising any farther for me, no matter what happens around them.

Oklahoma and Va Tech should be jumping the first two to jump the Broncos, and while both might be out of the national title hunt for now, it's VERY early so anything's possible. 16-25 is just a total guessing game right now. I'm including Notre Dame in the top 25 only because I think their offense is legit, but I don't think this is a national title contender like Lou Holtz and Beano Cook. A LOT of flux is obviously coming in the second half of the rankings in the coming weeks.

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