Monday, September 14, 2009

GFB Top 25 for Week 3

Well after Jermo's excellent, informative, and entertaining game recap, I can wait on Gopher analysis and post our Top 25 for the week. A bit of moving, and some shaking in the rankings this week. Oh, and here's the rankings from the AP, Coaches and more:

GGFB Top 25
1. Florida (2-0)
2. Texas (2-0)
3. Alabama (2-0)
4. USC (2-0)
5. Penn State (2-0)
6. Mississippi (2-0)
7. LSU (2-0)
8. BYU (2-0)
9. California (2-0)
10. Georgia Tech (2-0)
11. Virginia Tech (1-1)
12. Ohio State (1-1)
13. Oklahoma (1-1)
14. Oklahoma State (1-1)
15. Boise State (2-0)
16. Utah (2-0)
17. Nebraska (2-0)
18. TCU (2-0)
19. Miami FL (2-0)
20. Oregon State (2-0)
21. Georgia (1-1)
22. Kansas (2-0)
23. Cincinnati (2-0)
24. Houston (2-0)
25. Michigan (2-0)

Dropped out: North Carolina (2-0) 24. Missouri (2-0) 25. Notre Dame (1-1)

The Top 4: That's right, I did NOT move USC ahead of Alabama. Why? Two reasons: I believe Virginia Tech is better than Ohio State, and after watching SC eek out a win over the Buckeyes, I believe Alabama is better, and maybe two touchdowns better, than USC. At least right now. Bama has a legit shot at a national title this year, and IF they face Florida in the SEC championship game (assuming both get there), they're going to give them a battle.

The Next Six: We lost Oklahoma State from this group of "they're good, but how good?", and since nobody did anything to really differeniate themselves from the pack, I'm just bumping everybody up a spot.

The One-Lossers: Pretty sure I just made up a word, but like the six in front of them, these are four teams that are all pretty tough to tell apart. All former top ten teams with questions, but still plenty of talent. Va Tech gets the bump over Ohio State for the reasons I didn't move USC over Alabama.

The Rest: Yep, Boise State wins and yet they drop in my poll. And they may continue to. It's not their fault they play in the WAC, or that Oregon is not very good, but I'm not going to reward them for playing a joke schedule.

The Newbies: Ok so I underestimated Brian Kelly and Cincinnati. They're looking pretty legit, and therefore climb into the rankings. Houston and Michigan enter for obvious reasons.

They're Out!! Yes I dropped UNC despite a win. A very, very ugly win they were very, very fortunate to get. Noh-tra Dame drops with the loss, and with Michigan State coming up, might not be back in for awhile. And what does it say about Illinois that Missouri wipes the floor with them in week 1- and then ALMOST loses to Bowling Green?!?!?!? It probably doesn't say good things.

Ok so apparently I'm struggling with reading comprehension this morning. A reader TREE points out that Missouri in fact beat BGSU 27-20. Still, it wasn't impressive and I'm still keeping them out. For next week's top 25, I'm going to double-check the scores. No guarantees that makes it anymore accurate, however.

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TREE said...

Mizzou didn't lose...27-20 win over BGSU.