Monday, September 21, 2009

GFB TOP 25: Week 4

Another week of college football games, and another wild week of upsets. Some big movers and shakers in the top 10, and all the way on down. As always, here's the polls that actually matter.

Gopher Football Blog Top 25

1. Florida (3-0)
2. Texas (3-0)
3. Alabama (3-0)
4. Miami FL (3-0)
5. LSU (3-0)
6. California (3-0)
7. Penn State (3-0)
8. Mississippi (2-0)
9. Virginia Tech (2-1)
10. Oklahoma (2-1)
11. USC (2-1)
12. Ohio State (2-1)
13. Cincinnati (3-0)
14. Oklahoma State (2-1)
15. Boise State (3-0)
16. TCU (2-0)
17. Florida State (2-1)
18. Georgia (2-1)
19. BYU (2-1)
20. Kansas (3-0)
21. Houston (3-0)
22. Michigan (3-0)
23. Washington (2-1)
24. Nebraska (2-1)
25. Georgia Tech (2-1)

With USC's stunning (or not so stunning if you watched the Ohio State game) loss, we're now down to three teams that started the season being absolutely, positively better than everyone else. And after Florida's offense struggled a bit to move the ball on Tennessee, would ANYONE be shocked if the top 3 lose at some point before the bowl games? Still, until they lose these three are clearly the best in college football. Famous last words!

Yep, Miami jumped from the late teens to #4. Why? Because they've beaten two ranked teams and no one else has. Georgia Tech should still win 8-9 games and after Florida State beat the snot out of BYU, the wins for the Hurricanes look even more impressive. Of course this ranking could be short-lived as they play a VERY feisty Va Tech this week. With Washington's upset of the Trojans, LSU's opening week win looks a lot more impressive, so they bump over Penn State, who three weeks in has played absolutely noone- or maybe it just seems that way. Cal's schedule (especially with Maryland losing to Middle Tenn St- yikes!) isn't much better, but a road win over Minnesota is more impressive than anything the JoePa's have done yet. Ole Miss literally played no one last week, and while that's not their fault, well, I'm bumping up teams who actually played.

Our "one loss" group gains an undefeated and a defeated, as Cincy's win over Oregon State moves them WAY up (in hindsight I had them ranked way too low to begin with), and USC drops WAY down- but not below Ohio State because that wouldn't make any sense.

15-19: Boise State stays at 15 and won't go any higher until the play another ranked team. TCU gets tested soon but can stay here for now, and FSU, Georgia and BYU either rise or fall into a pretty fluid group of three one-loss teams.

20-25: Three undefeateds move up with easy wins, while three one-loss teams fill out the last three spots. UDub and Nebraska both have more impressive wins AND losses than the Jackets, yet I feel like Georgia Tech has played good football so they just survive.

Dropped out: 16. Utah (2-1), 20. Oregon State (2-1)
The Utes and Beavers can climb back in with some wins, while undefeateds like Auburn, Missouri, Iowa and North Carolina knocking on the door.

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