Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reusse on a "Stronger, wiser Weber"

Well, color me surprised that Pat Reusse wrote an article about Gopher football that isn't a multi-paragraphed diatribe bashing Tim Brewster and his hopeful ways.

Still, Reusse couldn't avoid taking at least one small shot at Brew.

Perhaps he's coming around. Who knows?

The gist of the article is that Weber is ready to compete for the starting job this spring, has put on some muscle in order to deal with the amount of hits that he had to endure last year (looks like he will start spring practice with about 10 extra lbs of muscle than he had last season), and is confident in his ability to win the starting job again.

It's clear that Coach Brewster thinks highly of Weber after last season and the performance that he put forward. It's also clear that he thinks that they can, and must, get much more from the quarterback position in order for the spread offense to work effectively, and that he expects this improved performance to happen sooner rather than later. It's good to see the Gophers going into spring practice, and into the season without an incumbent mentality. There is no obvious choice, the best players will play.

I can't recall competition at the QB position in this program... maybe ever? It will be good for Weber to have someone (or someones? Gray and Pittman?) with incredible talent right behind him pushing him to perform at the highest level. It will also be good for the program to have the option to make a move if Weber doesn't perform, and in the long run, to have options for the future as well.

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