Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I spoke too soon...

Just yesterday I wrote about how there hasn't been much to talk about in regards to Gopher football recently... today? Not the case. and the Strib (Reusse) each have new content on the Gophs today, while the Pioneer Press has two pieces that mention our beloved Gophers (Powers & Shooter).

I'll try to comment on these stories throughout the day today as I have time...

Some highlights from the Gopher Sports piece:
*On the Kevin Whaley situation, Coach Brewster talked about how he spoke with Whaley's high school coach regarding the situation in the area... something I've heard very little about:
"The high school coach told me that there’s a situation in Tidewater and Virginia Beach where there is a lot of jealously towards kids who are doing well and doing something good with their lives. Here’s a kid that could have gone to Virginia, Michigan State – he could have gone wherever he wanted to go. There’s a lot of jealously towards him. It was a directed act of violence."
*Adam Weber seems to fully understand, and welcome, the fact that he is not the inevitable starter at quarterback, but feels good about his chances:
"Just because I was the starter last year doesn’t mean that I’m going to be the starter this year. The precedent has been set by the coaches that the best players will play. With a year under my belt, that should give me an advantage to make the squad every year I’m here to be able to improve every day. I’m ready for that challenge even though there’s that different feel. I think it takes an understanding of the offense to be able to go out there and make plays. I think that should allow me to stay at the starting spot."

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