Thursday, September 27, 2007

Victory Walk!

Coach Brewster has said that one of the most important things that fans can do to show support for the program and for recruits is to show up and cheer for the team at the Gopher Victory Walk, which happens two hours prior to the kickoff of each Golden Gopher home football game.
Coach has been reminding the beat writers each week to remind the fans of the Victory Walk.
Well, I'm certainly no beat writer. I'm just a hack blogger with an emotional, and often irrational, passion for Gopher Football, but I put a reminder on the right side of the page about the Gopher Victory Walk and will plan on updating this for each game.
See you at the walk!


Gopher Gal said...

I work downtown by the Dome and I agree the Victory Walk is very cool and I love how at that moment the Metrodome area actually feels like a college campus and the marching band rocks! Go Gophers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy... I produce a new show called Gopher Football with Tim Brewster. It airs on FSN on Wednesday nights and I want to highight some Gopher fan bloggers on this week's show. Please email me if we can do a quick interview with you tonight during the victory walk or at the game. Thanks!