Sunday, September 23, 2007

As much as it pains me to say it...

...Reusse was right today when he said that "The only way this Minnesota team is going to win games is with its offense. And three ugly first halves by that unit have added up to three losses."

There's a bit of a "chicken or the egg" debate to be had here. Certainly the defense has been giving up more than it's fair share of yards and points, but everyone in the country knows that the Gophers defense is our biggest weakness. In my opinion, the coaching staff should be calling an aggressive game plan off the bat, knowing that scoring early and often is the only way that the defense is going to stay in the game. We already know that teams are going to pass their quarterback's arms off on us, why not force them to be doing it from behind.

With our defense the offense is going to be in a fight every week to put up as many points as possible. And discounting all of the turnovers, this offense has shown that it's got enough horses to run that kind of race.

Joe Tiller, who knows a thing or two about offense had this to say about the Gophers offense: "They got hot, which they are going to do. I like their offense. I like their quarterback. They have the talent to score a lot of points on people. When you get into a track meet with them, you better match their scores, which we were able to do for the most part."

Unfortunately, as Reusse pointed out, it doesn't seem like we've yet shown the ability to get out of the gate quickly enough to give ourselves a chance.

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