Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Gopher Football Blog... Now?

As the guy who ran the Fire Glen Mason blog, I found there were a lot of supporters.
But the truth is that I caught a lot of heat for that blog. A lot of people felt that I couldn't possibly be a good Gopher Football fan if I was calling for the firing of our head coach at the time. The truth is I was uneasy about starting that blog in the first place for that very reason. But I talked with Gopher fans at games that felt the same as I did, and I thought there needed to be a sounding board. I argued my point until I was blue in the face, but it was an emotional issue, and I heard often from those who disagreed with me. But up until the time that I shut down that blog, it was still getting over 50 hits per week... even though I hadn't updated it since mid-January.
I guess I could have started this blog and never admitted to being a part of the Fire Glen Mason blog, but in the spirit of full-disclosure... this is who I am. I see Gopher Football as an emotional attachment. The people like me, who are die-hard fans, despite co-worker, friend, and sometimes family ridicule, are fans for a reason. You can't suffer through some of the seasons and types of losses that we've had to endure and come out a fan on the other side unless there is something deeply rooted in you to keep you coming back. (Actually, it could be masochism, but that's another question for another time.)
Three games into our first season under Tim Brewster, with a record of 1-2, that could have just as easily been 0-3, I still think moving on from Glen Mason was the right thing to do. And 10 months after the firing of Coach Mason I was still getting negative comments about the blog. I finally deleted it.
The people who argue that if Coach Mason was still at the helm of the program today we would be 3-0 are probably right. We might be 3-0 with Mason right now. But I would still contend that at the end of this season we would still be a game one one side or the other of .500, we would be flirting with another trip to El Paso, and we could expect the same thing for years to come.
Howard Hoffman said "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." The people who believed that Gopher Football could be more were ready for some new blood. The people who were okay with always being .500 and going to a mediocre bowl game wish we were 3-0 with Mason right now.
1-2 sucks, I admit it. And the the way we "won" that one game wasn't pretty.
But what about next year? And the year after that?
What about when Brewster is coaching his own recruits running the offense and defense that he recruited them to play? What will Gopher Football be like then?
And that's why I'm starting a Gopher Football Blog now. Even though the team looks fugly right now, and a 1-11 season is not out of the question, there are things to look forward to with this program in the future that we would never have been excited about with Mase.

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